Wallet Pass Web

Wallet Pass

Your app for use Passbook®
in Windows devices

Universal app for Windows 10

PC/Mobile compatible


Synchronization between devices


Print your passes easily


Security by PIN-lock/Windows Hello


Manage your passes no matter where you are


Get your passes into Wallet app

Windows Phone 8

Works with Windows Phone 8.x


Show location included in passes

Get directions on any map/gps app

Get push notifications on nearby location

Automatic update

Update your passes to be up to date

Automatic update for compatible passes

Update your passes manually in an easy way

Push notifications on every update

Barcode Scan

Create passes from air tickets barcodes

Download passes from barcodes

And more...

Check out what else you can do with Wallet Pass

Pin to start screen

Pin every pass to start screen


Share your passes

Calendar Sync

Get your passes into the calendar to be adviced at the right time


Backup your passes to prevent losses